field tomatoes

Why Farming?

What if I told you about a business venture with so many variables that there’s absolutely no way to guarantee any return on investment?

This is a business venture that is so intense that it really is best if you to live onsite, 365 days a year. You need to be able to react at a moment’s notice to weather, pests, and weeds (which really do grow as fast as weeds). You also need to wear multiple hats, literally for sun protection, and figuratively since this business requires a caretaker, a grower, an accountant, a marketer, and a full-time research analyst. It really helps if you have a background in IT and mechanics as well. Of course you can outsource some work, but in the beginning, it’s probably just going to be you and if you’re lucky, a partner.

So what do you think? Would you run, or jump right in?

We took the plunge. We bought a farm with the full intent to grow food to sell locally. 
Of course like all things in life we learned quite a bit along the way, and we’re still miles away from our initial goal of having a biointensive farm that provides food for 135+ families.
Through the lessons, no matter how hard or humbling, we focus on our reasons why.

Why farming?

We love hard work. We love working together as a family. We love living outside. We love the seasons. We love nurturing life. We love watching our babies talk to their baby seedlings and being able to pick mint and know that it’s mint. We love building something that we can hand off to our kids. We love being able to provide nutritionally dense food that is free from synthetic chemicals. We love being able to share food that has a longer shelf life since it doesn’t spend days to weeks in transit and is breed for flavor. We love food, good food, and we want a healthy relationship with our food. We want to run our own business, from home, as a family.

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