Farm Practices

Our farm adventures started with an idea and a goal, that we would find land and build a house that would serve as our “forever home”. We wanted to establish a farm that would both support our family now, but also serve as a foundation for our children and future generations to further develop.

We approach every task on this farm with sustainability in mind. We moved giant boulders from our flower field and repurposed them to create a check dam to reduce erosion. We repurpose smaller rocks from the field to fill our gabion aka rock baskets that support our fence posts. We have focused on building permanent raised beds to reduce soil disturbance and encourage the rich ecosystems within soil to flourish. 

Beyond the flower field, we have the installed a pond to catch rain for drip irrigation and to reduce erosion from heavy rain events and have plans to add at least two additional ponds as our farm matures. Half of our farm has been left untouched as forested areas, and we have encouraged tree growth in areas subject to erosion. 

In regards to growing practices, our overarching goal is to build soil health through the addition of compost and organic material and through minimal soil disturbance. Our flowers are started from seed indoors and transplanted by hand out to the field in multiple iterations through the growing season. Weeding is reduced through the use of landscape fabric, which we hope to get away from as the existing weed seeds in the soil lose viability. Our flowers are harvested by hand, held in a cooler, then dried either by air or with the use of non-toxic desiccant to speed up drying time which in turn helps to preserve flower shape and color.